For Holly Golightly, there was always Tiffany's. For me, there's always Pug Hill. For as long as I've lived in New York, whenever I've wanted to think, or relax, or be happy, or even sad, my destination of choice has been, without fail, Pug Hill.

For Hope McNeill, pugs are love, unconditional friendship, happiness, and freedom-all qualities currently in short supply in her own life. Though she doesn't have a pug of her own, she does have Pug Hill in Central Park, where pugs (and their owners) from all over New York City convene.

She also has a serious crush on one of her co-workers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a flailing relationship with her squash-playing, cold-weather-loving boyfriend, and an unspeakable fear of public speaking. When Hope's father calls with a daunting assignment--to make a speech at her parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary party--Hope is completely taken off guard. As a last resort, she signs up for a public speaking class, but can’t help wondering, will it be enough?

Some fears are so big that even all the pugs in the world might not be enough...

"Pace is enjoyable and clever, throwing in sly commentary on our current social scene a la Jane Austen."
- The Miami Herald

"Pug Hill is all at once touching, witty, and so very smart. I love this nervous and self-deprecating narrator who makes low self-esteem not only funny and endearing but enviable. There's a terrific comedic eye at work here and a tender heart—a most satisfying combination."
- Elinor Lipman, author of My Latest Grievance

"An emotionally complex and winning heroine...A remarkably sweet and affecting tale of inner growth."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Smart and witty."
- Library Journal

I adored Pug Hill --a great example of a single-girl-in-the-city narrator who's not sparkly or ditzy, but neurotic and a little sad...You hope for good things to happen to her, and cheer when they do. Also, I can't remember when I've seen such sensitive and funny writing about dogs."
- Jennifer Weiner, author of In Her Shoes and The Guy Not Taken

"Playful, funny…Pug Hill is the story of a woman confronting her fears and the adorable pooches that can help her do it."
- Pages

"Pitch-perfect and deftly written…a funny, charming, and touching novel."
- Robin Epstein and Renée Kaplan, co-authors of Shaking her Assets

"Alison Pace isn't afraid to tackle serious subjects, even as she delivers a wry and witty portrait of a woman growing up and growing into herself at long last."
- Joshilyn Jackson, author of Gods in Alabama

"To paraphrase Woody Allen, love is too weak a word to describe how I feel about this novel. I loove it!"
- Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date