Five Factors That Put Your Dog at Risk for Summer Heatstroke

The heat does not affect just us humans. It affects animals and other life forms too. The dogs are not spared either. Did you know your dog can suffer a heat stroke too, just like you and me? Here are 5 factors that can put your mutt at risk of suffering a heat stroke:

  1. Staying Out

If you are used to leaving your dog out the whole day when you are at work or not at home, this can expose him to too much heat when the sun shines down hard. On hot days, when he is forced to stay outdoors, he is unable to escape the heat and does not sweat either. As a result, the heat is trapped inside his body and damages it more than we can imagine.

  1. Dehydration

If your dog does not have enough water to drink or is not having enough liquid content in his food, he can get dehydrated and suffer a stroke in the process. Unlike us, they can’t express the discomfort of dehydration and they can only pant more and salivate more. The more they salivate, the more water content they lose and get dehydrated faster.

  1. Breed

Certain breeds are at a higher risk of heat stroke. Boxers, Bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers, do not breathe as efficiently as the other breeds. As a result, they are at a higher risk of suffering a stroke.

  1. Nothing To Cool Him

When a dog feels too hot, he will go jump into a body of water to cool himself down. When he can’t cool himself down as and when needed, he might suffer a stroke. Read through dog water fountain reviews and invest in one for your dog.

  1. Too much Exercise

Your dog might be used to regular exercises and you may keep him very active. However, doing a lot o such exercises during the hotter part of the day puts him at a higher risk.