10 Surprisingly Simple Health Tips for Busy Women

The woman of today is not the meek and timid genders who are at the receiving end, they are excelling in whatever field they choose to, and no wonder the term superwoman is coined. The multi-talented and multi-tasking mom is also leaving no stone unturned in the corporate ladder. She is the epitome of beauty, compassion, brains and whatever adjective is attached sounds less for the compromise and ability to move on.

In a busy day, and timing to the perfection, woman are the masters of time management, housekeeping and of course they give their best in their respective official assignments. In all this there is this warm heart that often compromises on her daily and timely intake of food, those hands that prepare the most delicious apple pie, often goes hungry, not because of the quantity of food, but the paucity of time to move on to soothe her crying infant. Nutrition is important for all ages and with the help of Holistic Board, there should not be a day of skipping meals.

  • Keep a healthy snack in your handbag always, never know when hunger pangs strike, and in between work schedules, there is no time to go for a proper lunch. Almonds and other nuts are most handy, veggies with dips, protein bars, fruits, and yogurt are quite filling and give the much-needed energy
  • walking down to work is the best possible exercise, cycling is the new fad, if the distance is too long, starting a little early and walking or cycle past the lanes are good and keeps the mind active
  • try not to skip a meal as it gives the most energy after the quick breakfast session in the morning, cheese, egg, oats, simple home cooked food keeps the digestion clean and gives in the energy to rush for the entire day.