Adult Circumcision: The Basics & Reasons

There are several medical problems or conditions that many adults have to go through in their lifespan. One of those problems is circumcision. Here is a basic insight into what this is and what the reasons behind it are.

What is adult circumcision?

The minor surgery of removing the skin covering the head of the penis is known as circumcision. This skin is referred to as the foreskin. In this surgery, this skin is pushed back towards the beginning of the penis and trimmed to the desired length. The edges that are left after this trimming are stitched, which gradually dissolve in your skin with time. The way and method used to conduct this surgery completely depend on the doctor and his or her preference. Since the surgery is not too major, the majority of the men are discharged the same day of the operation.

Recovery phase

For the first 2 days after the surgery, there might be slight swelling around and on the penis. The process and the recovery phase is not as painful as one expects it to be and can be dealt with conveniently using suitable painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

Remember that the dressing around the operated area should be removed according to the directions shared by the doctor. The patients must wear comfortable briefs during this time and avoid too much of physical exertion for a couple of days. One need not worry about the swelling as it generally goes away maximum 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery is conducted.

Reason for circumcision

Some of the main reasons why men undergo this surgery include-

  • It is believed that undergoing this process enhances the overall pleasure enjoyed during intercourse.

  • The sex period lasts for long.

  • There is a very low risk of catching STIs if one has undergone this treatment.

  • There are lesser injuring during sex if these males do the circumcision.

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