Best Tips on Talking to Your Son about Men’s Health Issues

Parents often assume that boys have a smooth sailing adolescence while girls have much more complicated biological issues, like starting of periods, emotions, friendships. For boys too the puberty is confusing, they have many emotions running high and guiding them at that time is most important for them to develop positive well being and grow to be a healthy adult. Irrespective of their gender, the Man at home should understand sensitive issues and explain them in a manner that they are not stressed and humiliated.

The best tips to educate the boys about men health and overall education about sex, their own body is mostly understood when there is a casual talk without schooling them, making them understand that the human body undergoes many changes as they are stepping into the teens

  • shaving off their hair growth both the beard and the private parts start as early as the age of 12-13, it is better to let them not shave alone, but understand from the an experienced person or a doctor on How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs While Shaving Your Pubes while shaving other than the face, and it is perfectly normal if they shave other parts of the body and they are no less a man
  • make them understand that their private parts grow and change as they are growing up if they experience pain or discomfort they should discuss and not keep silent about it
  • talking about the three letter word should not be considered a taboo but, discussing them in the right sense and not increasing their curiosity but understand what sexual health which is perfectly normal
  • mental health is also important for the boys, as they undergo physical changes they should not compare their appearance or other things and get into depressions, any signs of anxiety dependence on any substance should be handled with