Jane Laine used to know a lot about art. But that was before she started managing a prominent gallery, and long before she met "it" artist Ian Rhys-Fitzsimmons. Jane can't seem to put a finger on what exactly is so "it" about his work. In fact, as far as she can tell, he's a big fraud and his fifteen minutes of fame should be over by now. Which could be kind of a problem --since Jane is the one who has to accompany him on a five-month international art fair tour.

To get through it all, Jane figures she'll be a good sport and keep her critiques to herself. Until, traveling with this alleged genius from London to Rome and beyond, she starts to understand the connection between art and love --and the fact that, in both, perspective is everything...

"A poignant and very funny look at the dating life of a fictional New York gal."
- The Washington Post

"This book is GENIUS! I stayed up all night laughing hyena-style."
- Jill Kargman, co-author of Wolves in Chic Clothing

"If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend is pure, guilt-free pleasure. When you're not laughing your head off, you're in the middle of a remarkably honest and heartfelt story about a woman who has to find love inside herself before she can find it outside."
- Joseph Weisberg, author of 10th Grade

"Laugh-out-loud funny."
- Booklist

"Alison Pace takes us on a whirlwind transcontinental journey (first class, of course) with a loveable main character who, amid the crazy world of abstract art, discovers a little inspiration of her own."
- Jennifer O'Connell, author of Bachelorette #1 and Off the Record

"A funny, feel-good fairy tale set improbably in the high-powered international art world. If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend will give hope to the most relationship-weary heart."
- Pam Houston, author of Cowboys Are My Weakness and Sight Hound

"Art lovers, dog lovers-even EX-lovers-will love this fun, funny book."
- Beth Kendrick, author of Fashionably Late

"A laugh-out-loud look at art fairs, true love, and over-indulged miniature schnauzers. A great read!"
- Kristen Buckley, author of The Parker Grey Show

"A fresh and beguiling story set in New York's art milieu...Perfectly balancing comic missteps with insights, Pace gets Jane's tricky growth spurt just right."
- Romantic Times

"A funny, snappy, beauty of a read-I loved it."
- Sarah Mlynowski, author of Monkey Business and Bras & Broomsticks

"Simmers with a quiet brilliance and polish that will stay in a reader's mind for days."
- Chicklitbooks.com