Advantages and disadvantages of using lift aid in old age

The primary challenge a senior person faces is doing movements while getting up or down from the chair or wheelchair for going to the bathroom or other places. The caregivers also face the problem while lifting up the patients and there are also chances that patients might fall any time in the effort of doing so. The caregiver also suffers from back pain due to the same.

What is Lift Aid?

Lift aid is a kind of sling made of durable reinforced nylon with four hand grip to distribute weight equally. The sling is padded in the back, and it has a non-slip inner face. The weight capacity of the lift aid varies for one product to another.

The usage

The lift aid is used to lift a person from the bed, chair, wheelchair, toilet and that is from sitting position to standing position. It is also used to raise the patient to sitting position in the bed. At Apexhealthandcare, the person who is facing difficulty lifting or moving his leg can use this lift aid. There are some cases when two persons are required to use the lift aid such as carrying lightweight individual to a short distance, laying or transferring a person into bed being rigid in movements and also in case of repositioning heavy patients in the bed or lifting them to make them sit in the bed.

The advantages

Lift aid is perfect for the caregiver as well as any member of the family who faces difficulty at the time of lifting the seniors or the patients from the sitting position.

The disadvantages

It is not recommended for the obese patients who need to reduce risk of heart disease, and one should not use it in a situation that is unsafe. It should also be avoided where the strength of the person who is willing to lift the senior person or the patient is insufficient.

Lift aid is inexpensive and easy to use. It saves the patients or seniors from a bad fall and helps caregivers to move patients with ease and avoid back pain.