How to Make Your Own Herbal Medicines

Earlier days all the medicines and the quick cure for any illness were made at home using the natural ingredients. Nowadays, people have forgotten all about the benefits of the herbs and its curing properties in their busy schedule. People do find it easy to pick up a tablet from a pharmacy instead of spending some time making herb medicines at home.  Many still wonder about the goodness of oils like can cbd oil cure chronic pain. These essential oils come with a lot of benefits which one should try out instead of opting for ointments.  One can easily make herb medicines at home. Listed below are a few ways.

For treating cold and cough

Stir one cup honey, 2 teaspoons of sage, horehound or wild cherry and one tablespoon of lemon juice over medium heat till they simmer. Remove it from the heat and cover it.  After ten minutes, strain this mixture and store it in a bottle. You could keep this mixture in the fridge for many months.  Take one spoon whenever needed for coughs.

Teas as your herbal medicine

Even tea contains various good properties which can help you in many ways.  Chamomile is a kind of calming herb. Consuming chamomile teas are best for calming your nerves and releasing your stress. Peppermint teas are perfect for your curing your digestive problems as it helps in stimulating digestive enzymes.

Good for heart

Hawthorn herb is specifically good for your heart. For gaining the best result in controlling your cholesterol, blood pressure and for the overall well-being of heart, you need to consume it daily and for long-term. You can take this herb in form of teas.  The berries of this herb can be eaten as it is. Or else, you can make jam out of these berries which can be used long-term.