10 Surprisingly Simple Health Tips for Busy Women

The woman of today is not the meek and timid genders who are at the receiving end, they are excelling in whatever field they choose to, and no wonder the term superwoman is coined. The multi-talented and multi-tasking mom is also leaving no stone unturned in the corporate ladder. She is the epitome of beauty, compassion, brains and whatever adjective is attached sounds less for the compromise and ability to move on.

In a busy day, and timing to the perfection, woman are the masters of time management, housekeeping and of course they give their best in their respective official assignments. In all this there is this warm heart that often compromises on her daily and timely intake of food, those hands that prepare the most delicious apple pie, often goes hungry, not because of the quantity of food, but the paucity of time to move on to soothe her crying infant. Nutrition is important for all ages and with the help of Holistic Board, there should not be a day of skipping meals.

  • Keep a healthy snack in your handbag always, never know when hunger pangs strike, and in between work schedules, there is no time to go for a proper lunch. Almonds and other nuts are most handy, veggies with dips, protein bars, fruits, and yogurt are quite filling and give the much-needed energy
  • walking down to work is the best possible exercise, cycling is the new fad, if the distance is too long, starting a little early and walking or cycle past the lanes are good and keeps the mind active
  • try not to skip a meal as it gives the most energy after the quick breakfast session in the morning, cheese, egg, oats, simple home cooked food keeps the digestion clean and gives in the energy to rush for the entire day.

5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Talk Openly About Mental Health

It is easy to find a physician who can monitor and evaluate your physical health. But it is relatively more difficult to find a psychologist who can help evaluate your mental health. This is because most people hesitate to open up about their mental health. But there is one secret that no one tells you – your mental health is vital to keep you physically healthy. This is everything you should know about life. If you are someone who hesitates to talk about your mental health here are some compelling reasons why you should start right away-

  1. Most mental illnesses go unnoticed till they get severe

Some of the warning signs of the mental illnesses are ignored because of the lack of awareness. Only when you start talking openly about mental health would you be able to find enough information about different mental health conditions.

  1. Most of the physical illnesses might be because of an underlying mental health issue

Have you seen some people who keep falling ill and find absolutely no cause for their illness? Maybe they are looking in the wrong direction. Simply strengthening their mental health can give a huge difference.

  1. Help is always at reach – all it takes is for you to ask

Only when you start talking about mental health would you realize that there are many people who are empathetic, many who are ready to genuinely help you. You do not have to walk alone.

  1. When you are happy, you live longer

Staying happy does extend your lifespan. And this gives you one more reason to be more open about the way you feel.

  1. There are many who are afraid to take the first step

When you start opening up you would be surprised to find how many are willing to do the same. There are many who are simply waiting for someone else to take that first step.

Lose 70 Pounds In 4 Months

Weight loss is something which cannot be achieved overnight. If you follow a proper diet and exercise and maintain the same timings everyday you will certainly start experiencing the weight loss. You will have to keep an eye on what you eat and ensure that you do not overeat anything even though you are eating a diet food. You might feel that 4 months time is sufficient to lose weight but it is relatively a short period of time to bring about changes in your body. According to experts losing from 1 to 2 lbs is the recommended weight loss rate and anything higher than this rate might bring about health complications.

Losing 70 pounds in 4 months requires losing 4.3 lbs per week which is double the amount of the recommended weight loss of 2 lbs. If you have lot of weight to lose, you can start with losing 70 pounds in the first few months. You can seek help of weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, etc which assure up to 2 lbs of weight loss if the guidelines are strictly adhered to. Nutrisystem is very convenient to follow and it helps you maximize your weight loss result by offering up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. This is made possible through the Turbo 13 plan that delivers a special kit called Turbo Takeoff kit containing fortified meals designed to accelerate the weight loss process in dieters. You can find here the exhaustive list of similarities and differences between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig.

A middle aged woman weighing 180 pounds and leads a sedentary life burns around 1900 calories daily. If she has to cut 1400 calories she will be eating only 500 calories a day which takes her to starvation mode. Whatever be the starting weight women should not eat below 1200 calories a day and men should not dip lower than 1800 calories. Therefore go for a healthy diet that keeps you satiated.…

Adult Circumcision: The Basics & Reasons

There are several medical problems or conditions that many adults have to go through in their lifespan. One of those problems is circumcision. Here is a basic insight into what this is and what the reasons behind it are.

What is adult circumcision?

The minor surgery of removing the skin covering the head of the penis is known as circumcision. This skin is referred to as the foreskin. In this surgery, this skin is pushed back towards the beginning of the penis and trimmed to the desired length. The edges that are left after this trimming are stitched, which gradually dissolve in your skin with time. The way and method used to conduct this surgery completely depend on the doctor and his or her preference. Since the surgery is not too major, the majority of the men are discharged the same day of the operation.

Recovery phase

For the first 2 days after the surgery, there might be slight swelling around and on the penis. The process and the recovery phase is not as painful as one expects it to be and can be dealt with conveniently using suitable painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

Remember that the dressing around the operated area should be removed according to the directions shared by the doctor. The patients must wear comfortable briefs during this time and avoid too much of physical exertion for a couple of days. One need not worry about the swelling as it generally goes away maximum 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery is conducted.

Reason for circumcision

Some of the main reasons why men undergo this surgery include-

  • It is believed that undergoing this process enhances the overall pleasure enjoyed during intercourse.

  • The sex period lasts for long.

  • There is a very low risk of catching STIs if one has undergone this treatment.

  • There are lesser injuring during sex if these males do the circumcision.

If you to plan to undergo this surgery to enhance your sex life, then do not forget to check out Cum Swing With Me to add more fun and experiments to it.

Top 10 Healing Benefits of the Sun

Before the commencement of the ozone layer depletion, the Sun was our friend. Nevertheless, today many people consider the Sun to be their foe, resist all means of direct interaction with the Sun, and prefer to stay indoors. However, the Sun offers many natural healing benefits that you can profit by spending less than fifteen minutes in the Sun every day.

  1. Exposing newborn babies to the morning Sun is known to prevent the occurrence of jaundice in them. This is a better and free treatment as against the expensive phototherapy used in hospitals.
  2. Sunlight is the best natural antibacterial agent that can kill germs invisible to the naked eye. This is ancient science practiced even now in many parts of the world.
  3. Direct contact with sunlight is known to boost immunity amongst children, so let them play outdoors instead of allowing them to stay glued to the phones and TV.
  4. Sunlight is also known to have a direct effect on the growth of children, helping them to grow proportionally in height and weight.
  5. Today many people suffer from bone degradation, muscle weakness, and related cancer. Although you know that your bones need Calcium, many are unaware of the fact that Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of Calcium into the bones. The Sun is a direct and free provider of this essential and expensive source of the vitamin.
  6. Sunlight is also known to be beneficial against many skin disorders and allergies such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and other fungal infections.
  7. It is revealed that oxygen supply to organs can be enhanced when exposed to the Sun and thus help in building your muscle strength and overall stamina.
  8. It is also known to clear blocked arteries of the body and thereby help in cleansing of the blood vessels and the blood itself.
  9. Research shows us that high levels of cholesterol in the body can be converted into sex hormones needed for natural reproduction. Thus, it is better to spend some time under the Sun rather than spending big bucks on in vitro fertilization.
  10. Further, exposure to the sun can improve your brain functioning and also prevent you from going into mild depression, thus keeping you both healthy and cheery.

Hence, the next time you decide to spend some time outdoors during the day, see if there is anything of interest that might come in handy and that you can buy at dreamguides to ensure you have a safe and healthy date with the Sun.…

Medical Benefits (and Risks) of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew

Marijuana is something that has been making headlines for a really long time now. Where some people cannot stop appreciating its advantages in medical science, others have accepted it to be a curse to humanity and only find it to be extremely risky and harmful for our health. However, what is the truth? Is it really advantageous or risky or both? Let’s explore.

Benefits of marijuana

Find below some of the main reasons why marijuana is considered to be advantageous for us-

  • Combatting anxiety: Many types of research and studies have proven marijuana to be very helpful in fighting anxiety problems in humans. It calms down the person and makes them get over depression issues.
  • Arthritis: Experts say that marijuana can contribute hugely in relieving unbearable pain caused by arthritis problem.
  • Treating cancers: many specialists also state that cannabis has a great caliber of stopping cancers in the human body by discontinuing the production of cancer cells.
  • Epilepsy: Marijuana is considered to be a powerful method to control seizers.

Risks of cannabis

‘Where on one hand marijuana can huge benefits, on the other the same thing can also be a big reason for several risks and health concerns for us. Some of the important problems that you must study before jumping on any conclusion are listed below-

  • Memory loss: Getting addicted to marijuana or even having regularly can make you forget things easily and give birth to memory loss problems.
  • Addiction: Over-consumption of this substance can lead you to addictions. Ontario Drug Rehabs is one of the places that can completely resolve your addiction problems; however, it’s better to never reach that stage.
  • Heart rate: Your heart rate generally increases while you consume marijuana and can affect the overall functioning of your heart big time.
  • The loss of coordination: If you consume marijuana way too much, it is very likely that you will lose the sense of coordinating and fumble while making sentences.

Always ensure to weight all these risks and benefits and then decide whether you should use marijuana or not for medical or personal reasons.…

Celebrity Influence on Health

Designer brands in fashion have grown so popular because there are many celebrities who endorse them. If you find cheap hermes handbags on discount then you might definitely be tempted to buy it because carrying one can surely make you feel like a celebrity. That is how influential celebrities are. Understanding this influence celebrities have now started voicing their opinions about the need for focusing on the health as well.

Influence on diet trends

There have been several popular diet trends introduced. Have you noticed that when a celebrity starts following a particular trend then it gains an instant popularity? There are many such diet trends which celebrities have followed and recommended. If they find that the trend does work they share the results on their social media pages and many others are then inspired to follow the trend. Rather than following a diet trend which you do not know about you might feel more confident in trying on that your favorite celebrity has actually tried and found to be effective.

Influence in the form of fitness challenges

Right from a very young age children starts being heavily influenced by media and the celebrities. The way they dress, the way they present themselves and the way they take care of themselves all act as an inspiration to little boys and girls. Though most people talk about the negative side of it there are plenty of positives to this influence as well. We are not talking about the celebrities who go anorexic simply to achieve the lean figure. We are talking about celebrities who advocate a healthy diet and fitness regime, those who follow healthy lifestyle habits and consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are even celebrities who inspire fitness challenges which further motivates people to try and cut down all their unhealthy food cravings and switch to a healthier and cleaner diet.…